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Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Peter Hardwick and Alastair Waddell from the very popular Harvest Newrybar will be demonstrating two fabulous dishes at Eat the Street's cooking stage. The dishes are;

  1. Wild salad showcasing a variety of unique coastal succulents foraged by Peter to show how he uses them in salads or preserved. Peter will also show you how to make a vinaigrette using vinegars and coastal tea tree.

  2. Roasted bunya and caramelised banana. A delicious dessert using roasted bunya incorporating bunya syrup and bunya vinegar produced by Peter.

About Peter

Peter Hardwick started foraging when he was four years old at South West Rocks, near Kempsey, inspired by his mothers stories of eating lillypillys.

When he was 18 years old (1977) he decided to make bushfoods his career path to highlight the value of rainforest and regeneration. He studied horticulture in Sydney to be able identify native food plants and found many edible rainforest fruit trees planted as street and park trees. He made his first observations of riberry, Davidson’s plum, lemon myrtle, plum pine and bunya nut.

In the early 1980’s Peter returned to set-up a native foods industry in Northern NSW. He worked on researching the cultivation of wild foods and set up a nursery that specialised in selecting improved varieties of native fruits.

In the late 1980s Peter was part of the emerging bushfood industry and worked on selecting the best subtropical species for restaurants and processing.

In the 1990’s Peter ran courses on regenerating bushland with native foods and was involved in establishing native food plantations. When foraging became part of the modern native food movement Peter’s experience enabled him to assist chefs wanting to use a broader range of wild ingredients on their menus. He worked for the award winning Adelaide restaurant restaurant, Orana, and then in 2016 started working with Harvest at Newrybar.

Peter also has a decade of experience with native food fermenting, and has developed emerging products like: pandanus vinegar, pickled Moretan Bay fig shoots and char kelp vinegar.

What: Alastair Waddell with Peter Hardwick

Where: Cooking Stage at Eat the Street

When: Saturday 10 March, 2018

Time: 4.30pm-5.15pm


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