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Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Fast becoming stalwart of Lismore’s underground music scene, Moz Troniquz is a unique artist who is capable of anything. Moz makes beats. Moz makes ballads. Moz makes grown men blush. Blending electronica with the opulent textures of trip hop, Moz Troniquz delivers a smooth sound on studio works, which is powerfully fleshed‐out by her live band. Moz will grab your attention with her superb voice and keep it captive in gracefully evocative songwriting, exploiting both subtlety and bombast with creative flair.

Morgan Murphy began creating under the Moz Troniquz moniker (pronounced moz tronicks). Her productions have traversed varied ground; from acoustic guitar pop soloist stylings to hard rock and songs for a‐capella quintet. These explorations have since found thematic consistency, focusing on electronica with a strong percussive element, as heard on 2012 single release “Bounce”, also broadly drawing inspiration from the timeless sounds of Portishead.

Early productions are well respected and earned her invitations to collaborate with musicians and artists nationally and internationally. Moz was also invited to perform on Channel 7’s The Morning Show back in 2014.

What: Moz Troniquz

Where: Main Stage at Eat the Street

When: Saturday 10 March, 2018

Time: 4pm


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