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Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Hannah Pearl is a fiercely independent, talented Singer-Songwriter, born and bred in the heartland of alternative Australian lifestyle, Nimbin.

She has been travelling the world with her music for almost a decade now, collecting weird and wonderful stories along the way; from being a professional karaoke singer in Japan, to busking on street corners all over Europe, and even featuring on The Voice of Germany in 2012 Hannah has sought colour and adventure at every turn.

In the last year she has partnered up with fellow Australian, and fellow nomad Cash Weijers, with whom she created a songwriting and performing partnership. Their album simply titled "Hannah & Cash" is a testament to their enthusiasm for keeping it fresh. Their influences range from Motown to Disco, Folk and EDM, but from these distinct strains they have managed to distill a kind of Nouveau Blues which both soothes and tickles.

"Creatively versatile and musically curious, this duo draw on their diverse influences to colour their classic pop core with shades of blues, Latin, flamenco, electronic and folk.

Bittersweet harmonies and poignant lyrics soar over this acoustic, groove driven strain of indie pop, and the results are hard-hitting, catchy songs that are irresistibly uplifting and evocative in the true singer/songwriter tradition.'

What: Hannah & Cash

Where: Main Stage at Eat the Street

When: Saturday 10 March, 2018

Time: 1pm


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